Mediation Services

In the state of Florida, a mandatory settlement conference (mediation) is required by every judge before a case goes to trial. This brings with it both an opportunity, and a challenge. Clearly, the opportunity is the settlement of the case – without lengthy and costly litigation. However, the challenge is that the settlement conference typically lasts only one-half to one full day.

It takes an exceptionally skilled mediator to assure that the parties make the most of this time. Often, one or more of the parties will not grasp the uncertainties and risks involved in taking a case to trial. This is true no matter how far apart the parties are or how complex the matter may be. The right mediator provides a healthy “reality check” while at the same time opening up a far wider range of settlement options than the parties previously considered or embraced.

David Stone is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Mediator. The Circuit Court is the highest trial court in Florida, handling the largest and highest dollar value state court cases.

Further, David’s extensive trial experience means that he very quickly ascertains the plusses and risks of each side’s case – issues that mediators who have not appeared repeatedly and successfully before juries can easily miss. In private caucus with each side, David raises and discusses the pros and cons of their position that they might not otherwise take into account. David will also bring to bear creative solutions to the problem at the core of the dispute.

A mediator who has been in the trenches and has experienced the variables and uncertainties of a jury trial imparts tremendous insight to the mediation. David’s skillful guidance equips each party to evaluate all sides of the case, consider innovative solutions, and finalize the negotiations from a neutral and realistic position.

law Mediation Services

The fees charged by superior mediators can be significant. In contrast, David is committed to providing exceptional mediation services at the very best value possible. Please contact us directly to learn more.